Interpretive Reporting

Interpretive reporting forms a large part of the site evaluation work scope and provides the stakeholder with critically important information regarding the sub seabed conditions at the site. Typically, an interpretive report will comprise of laboratory testing results, geological and geotechnical interpretation and an analysis of the impacts upon your site or development. As well as utilising our considerable geotechnical expertise in interpreting laboratory testing results, Cathie Associates are pioneers in the use of more graphical approaches to supplement method utilising Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to better exhibit the geological conditions on site. Our GIS staff are adept at utilising geo-statistical and geospatial methodologies which permits the visualisation of a statistical analysis of your site. This approach, when combined with a more ‘standard’ interpretive report, enables easier visualisation of the site with respect to planned infrastructure and its interaction with the geological environment and serves to inform members of the project team who are perhaps not from a geological background.