Desk Studies

Production of a detailed desk study is perhaps the single most important phase of any offshore development. Indeed, as the saying goes, “You pay for a desk study, whether you commission one or not”. Within Cathie Associates, our staff are able to provide the project stakeholders and all interested parties with a bespoke, site specific, geological, geotechnical and geohazards desk study.
Benefits of commissioning a desk study include:

  • Mitigate/minimise risk
  • Develop an early understanding of potential ground conditions
  • Promote economical design of foundations
  • Decrease the risk of encountering unforeseen ground conditions
  • Promote the development of accurate budget forecasting

We are firm believers that, in commissioning such studies, the stakeholder is able to identify and mitigate the risks at the most cost effective stage of the project. Our geolocial and geotechnical expertise coupled with an in depth knowledge of the conditions across many European renewable energy sites means we are ideally placed to provide you with an expertly informed, and fit for purpose document which will demonstrate its value time and again throughout the project lifecycle.