Cathie Associates provides specific focussed solutions in pipeline design for projects in which pipe-soil interaction is a key design driver. Our expertise in soil and pipe-soil interaction behaviour, coupled with our numerical analysis experience enables us to offer advanced pipeline-soil interaction analyses (PSI studies). As part of the SAFEBUCK JIP, Cathie Associates has helped the industry to develop better soil models for lateral buckling behaviour of pipelines. We have also combined our pipeline, soil and seismic expertise to offer analysis and verification solutions to the problems of seismic induced seabed hazards on pipelines. This is offered in our PIPEHAZARD methodology.

  • Upheaval buckling analysis and simulation of axial, lateral and upheaval buckling using Abaqus
  • 3rd party verification of PLET/manifold-pipeline-soil behaviour
  • Seismic induced liquefaction effects on pipelines
  • Seismic verification of pipelines and subsea structures