Foundation related problems are one of the major sources of accidents in the offshore industry. More than 25 geotechnical-related serious accidents have occurred since 2000. And these are just the ones in the public domain. Cathie Associates’ site evaluation methodology SITEVAL for assessing leg penetration risks, and operational stability provides a systematic approach for collecting all the relevant data and providing a calibrated engineering assessment of the risks. We use our in-house software JACA to provide reliable and rapid leg penetration and in-place analyses. Our solutions include:

  • Leg penetration studies and punch-through assessment according to ISO, SNAME and many variants
  • In-place stability evaluation (ISO, SNAME)
  • Site characterisation studies and assistance with survey specification and management
  • Site evaluation for rig moves using our SITEVAL methodology
  • Jack-up – pile or pipeline interaction studies
  • Site preparation for jack-up operations