Asset Management

Issues relating to the seabed or the interaction of infrastructure thereof can arise during the operational lifetime of offshore assets. Such issues can arise due to changes in seabed conditions, problems with the original geotechnical design or due to modifications of existing assets.

Geotechnical or geological issues can have a massive impact on the operation of assets offshore and can cause the shutdown of power generation or product export. Cathie Associates are well placed to be able to provide proactive management of such issues in order to prevent serious impact to revenues or to provide emergency technical support in the event of an incident.

The inevitability of decommissioning and abandonment applies to all offshore assets. The decommissioning market is at an early stage with many techniques evolving to meet significant cost pressures. Whether it’s burial of a surface pipeline, breakout force calculation for suction anchors or post-decommissioning multibeam survey, Cathie Associates provides a single-source solution.