Soil Resistance to Driving

OPILE will calculate soil resistance to driving “SRD” according to a variety of methods:

  • STEVENS (1982) for sands, clays & rock.
  • COLLIAT (1993) an adaptation of the STEVENS method using a residual on clay friction.
  • ALM (2001) for sands & clays.
  • CUSTOM method based upon percentages of friction and end bearing derived from axial capacity calculations.

OPILE also calculates pile self penetration during installation for 3 different installation weights. The installation weight is taken to include all hammer weights and any other temporary weight associated with installation. The results of SRD calculations are presented in a summary table which provides convenient input for use in other software such as GRLWEAP. Each method allows the application of different factors to the skin friction and end bearing. The use of pile shoes can be accounted for by adjusting the pile section properties and the skin friction factors.

The help file website for OPILE contains much more information on how each of these methods has been implemented and, in addition, you can download the free trial/demo version of OPILE here. If you use a method which is not currently included in OPILE then we would be happy to discuss its inclusion.