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Released on March 02, 2018

NEW features:

  • Axial Soil Input: optional tension T Modifier: a layer specific T modifier is introduced which modifies the skin friction in tension for AxCap calculations and modifies the T output for the tension T-Z curves.
  • A warning is presented below the AxCap output tables when a pile length dependent method is selected.


  • The number of points for the T-Z, Q-Z and P-Y shape curves has been increased to 20.
  • Improved layout of the Axial Soil tab, section ‘Other Axial Parameters’.

Download V2.2.1.0

Released Patches:


Released on April 19, 2018

Download V2.2.2.1


  • Fix for the issue where no output is presented after analysis (PY output for particular conditions: Y tables, Combined PY tables)
  • Input files are read with utf-8 encoding, allowing better handling of symbols such as ‘∞’