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Released on December 19, 2017

NEW features:

  • New module: AxMobCap: the mobilized axial capacity in compression and tension is presented with pile embedment length
  • New lateral soil method: CLAYJEANJEAN, the new PY-curves are based on Jeanjean (2009), and were developed for soft clays subjected to cyclic loads
  • New lateral soil layer option: a layer specific cyclic P modifier
  • New: Tension TZ Curves are outputted in a separate tab in the TZ Curves output


  • Depth reference from the import driving records of the PROWEAP Module now considered as interval bottom depth (instead of interval top depth), this fix allows for correct blowcount calculation during changes in interval depth.
  • The output of Axial Analysis is relevant to the bottom of the pile element. A column with “bottom element depth” has been included in the output and the calculation results are now plotted vs. the bottom element depth.
  • The Axial Analysis Axial Force was outputted incorrectly, depending on pile grid points and axial displacement (usually error of <0.5% of soil resistance). The Axial Force at pile top is now correctly equal to the total soil resistance.
  • Lateral Load button bug fixed.


  • Improved layout for General Tab
  • In Lateral Soil Input “Y Modifier [m]” is now labelled “Y Shift [m]”
  • Improvement of performance during axial analyses
  • Improved iteration stability for lateral analysis cases when using Y-Shifts (soil gaps)


Jeanjean, 2009. Re-assessment of PY curves for soft clays from centrifuge testing and finite element modelling (OTC 20158). Presented at the Offshore technology conference, Houston, Texas, p. 23.

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Released Patches:


Released on February 12, 2018

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  • Axial Analyses iteration pile displacement bounds for finding axial mobilized capacity peaks are now defined as ratio to pile diameter.


  • CLAYME method is removed from the axial capacity clay methods.