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Released on November 2, 2016

NEW features:

  • New method for P-Y curves for c-phi soils: Evans and Duncan (1982).
  • Lateral analysis: the ratio of the mobilised resistance over the ultimate resistance is now outputted to a new column in the following tables: Lateral Output, All Load Cases, Single Case and Summary.
  • Pile material input: the number of allowable pile sections has been increased from 10 to 20 sections.


  • PY curve generation for piles with stick up: OPILE now correctly loads the first data line to the combined PY Table.
  • Lateral soil input for lateral analysis: OPILE now correctly detects changes made to the selection of “Cyclic” or “Static” in the drop-down list box and requests the user to save the changes before closing the active file.
  • The corresponding GRLWEAP files are now also imported when opening an OPILE file that uses the ProWEAP functionality.
  • Backwards compatibility for files made in V1.5 or older: these files only allow the user to define the z-values in tz/qz curves (t/q-values are hard coded) and the y values in py-curves (p-values are hardcoded). With the implementation of the APIRP2GEO tz/qz curves, OPILE allows the user to overwrite the both the t/q/p and corresponding z/z/y values in the normalised curves. Therefore when loading V1.5 or older files, any custom z or y values specified in those values will be ignored an OPILE will revert to the default tz/qa/py curves.


  • Batch running: all messages popping up during batch running are now reported in the Analysis Notes rather than in message boxes.
  • The size of the drop-down list boxes displaying the available methods on the soil input tables has been increased to all methods by default.
  • Lateral Analysis SANDAPI calculations refined to formulations for the C1, C2 and C3 coefficients as Function of f’ published in API RP2GEO (2011). Previous calculations were based on the lines published in Figure 6.8.6-1 of API RP2A (2000).

Evans, L.T. Jr. & Duncan, J.M. (1982), Simplified analysis of laterally loaded piles, Report UCB/GT/82-04, University of California, Berkeley



Released Patches:


Released on January 2, 2017

Download V2.1.0.1


  • Updated dongle libraries improving dongle detection by in case there is another misbehaving USB HID device. This update is only required if you experience any dongle detection problems.


Released on January 19, 2017

Download V2.1.0.2


  • Fixed a division through zero for the specific case where no general scour is entered and the Overburden Reduction Depth is equal to the Local Scour depth.



Released on January 25, 2017

Download V


  • General improvement of SACWRITE output:
      • The T factors of “15” on TZ and “8” on QZ curve have been removed
      • The output now respects the correct amount of digits
      • Consistency of units: T [kPa], P [kN/cm]