Revision History Version

Released on 17th November 2015.

NEW features:

  • SRD Stevens and Colliat methods: allow setting an optional End Bearing and Unit Skin Friction limit in CLAY.


  • Axial Capacity End bearing smoothing issues a warning when insufficient soil data is available to perform capacity calculation to the requested penetration depth.
  • Axial Analysis: when opening old OPILE files, a plotting error occurres when plotting the Axial Analysis output due to element bottom depth column being empty.
  • ALLCAP calculations can only be performed at Target Penetrations being the bottom of an Axial Grid node. OPILE will now issue a warning that the axial pile grid is not re-generated and that incorrect Target Penetrations will be ignored in the calculations.
  • In ALLCAP, the axial capacity calculation with SANDICP and SANDICP_API does not include the internal shaft friction explicit anymore. In those methods, the internal shaft friction is implicitly accounted for in the end bearing formulation. Axial capacity calculations were not affected by the bug.
  • The invalid named range “x0” in the Excel report template has been replaced by “x0_”.