Revision History Version

Released on 22nd October 2015.

NEW features:

  • Enabling Internet Based licensing (single user and network)
  • The output of the Axial Analysis now includes the Displacement and Twist plots
  • Number of allowable Axial and Lateral Load Cases increased from 101 to 200.


  • Axial Capacity: the verification of the prevailing behaviour “PLUGGED/UNPLUGGED” has: in thin layers of dense sand, when CPT-based methods were used, the UNPLUGGED capacity is first smoothed before compared to the PLUGGED capacity.
  • Input of soil effective weight is verified prior to Axial and Lateral Analysis, previously a value of 0 was taken when no value was inputted by the user.
  • The SRD end bearing resistances calculated with the Alm & Hamre method consider the overburden pressure at bottom element depth.
  • During SRD calculations, OPILE now always considers the wall thickness and diameter of the pile segment closest to the pile tip.
  • The pile grid and pile properties are re-assigned after each penetration increment. Previous OPILE versions were not considering pile bottom wall thickness within the depth range from seabed to pile bottom.
  • The output of the STEVENS and COLLIAT SRD method is presented versus the bottom element depth.
  • PROWEAP, ‘Select All’ or ‘CONTROL + A’ now selects all data for the tables ‘Imported GRLWEAP Results’ and ‘Imported driving records’.