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OPILE Single pile axial and lateral analysis

OPILE is a program designed to analyse single piles that are subjected to axial, lateral and torsional loads, displacements and rotations. It suits the particular requirements of the offshore geotechnical engineering community, but also provides a valuable analysis capability for all kinds of piles.

Cost – License Purchase

Type of License

Initial Purchase
(One off payment)

License Renewal and Maintenance
(Payable Annually)

1st License

Licenses 2 to 5+

1st License

Licenses 2 to 5+

Demo Version Free
Single User €6500 €4500 €1000 €600
Network Version €11000 €8750 €1500 €1200

(Single User)

€550 €200

Notes for Purchase:

The cost of the network version is set to reflect the flexibility which this type of license allows. Subject to the terms of the license agreement the network version can be accessed from any computer. Each network license is accompanied by an additional single user license (and dongle).

  • A single user license can be converted to a network license at any time by paying the difference between the cost of the single user license, at the time of purchase, and the current cost of a network license.
  • License renewal and maintenance fees may be subject to annual price increases.
  • When the dongle expires annually it will revert to the demo mode. Upon payment of the annual renewal and maintenance fee a dongle update code will be provided (via email or phone) which will extend the dongle(s) life for another year.
  • License renewal fees become payable on each anniversary of expiry of the dongle. If the license is allowed to lapse then renewal fees to reinstate the license are due backdated to the last expiry date.
  • To encourage use of OPILE for research, where an educational license is used, we may, at our discretion, waive the annual maintenance fee in any single year if we are provided with a copy of a publication (journal, conference, or thesis) which uses and acknowledges OPILE results that is (to be) published in the public domain within 6 months of the annual dongle renewal date.

Cost – Rental

Type of License (Single User)

Setup Cost

Monthly Rental

License Renewal and Maintenance

Single User €500 €1100
Network License €1000 €1750

Notes for Monthly Rental:

  • The first time OPILE is used under a monthly rental agreement, a setup cost plus the 1st month is required.
  • A monthly rental will be for 30 days duration from your chosen start date (and can be made easily by email/phone). When we receive the appropriate fees we will issue an update code, with which the dongle can be re-validated.
  • If 6 monthly rentals within 12 months of the initial rental (or 10 monthly rentals in 24 months) are made then the license may be converted to be a straight purchase of a single user license (with annual maintenance payable thereafter). The straight purchase can be made at any time within the first 12 months (or 24 months) by topping up the license with the appropriate number of months.
  • Monthly rental may be subject to annual price increases.

Types of License Available

Demo License
OPILE can be installed on any number of computers and is subject to certain restrictions which are detailed in the help literature. The Demo version can be used to review analyses which have been carried out using the full version of OPILE which means that results can be shared with colleagues who do not have access to a full OPILE license.

Single User License
OPILE is licensed to a single user (company or individual) and the software can be installed on any number of computers. However, OPILE is only fully operational on the single computer that carries the hardware DONGLE.

Network License
OPILE can be installed on any number of computers that can access a SINGLE NETWORK DONGLE, which contains all of the licenses, via a network (local or wide area). Any computer in the network can be designated as the DONGLE SERVER for the licensed software and this has to carry the dongle. The network license allows sharing of OPILE licenses between offices of the same company but in different locations. Network licenses for multiple users use the same network dongle and each network license is accompanied by a single user license (and additional dongle) to enable use of OPILE outside of the office (e.g. for use offshore). For example, if a single network dongle, which is licensed for 2 users, is purchased then 2 additional single user dongles will also be provided.

Educational License
OPILE can be sold with an educational discount. In order to obtain this discount you must be enrolled or employed by an academic institution, using the licensed software for educational or academically-sponsored purposes. Users should contact us for clarification if they are in any doubt. It would be necessary to purchase/rent a single user license to cover use of OPILE which would not fall under the educational license agreement (e.g. for consultancy work).

General Notes

OPILE licenses are always subject to the terms of the OPILE License Agreement which can be downloaded from our websites

  • All prices are in Euros and exclusive of VAT. The customer is responsible for all VAT taxes.
  • The dongle will be dispatched when proof of payment has been received from our bank.
  • The multi-license discount can be applied at any time after the purchase of the first license and is cumulative.
  • Shipping of the dongle by international courier is included in the price.
  • No CD or documentation in a hard copy is provided. The latest version of the software and help files are always available for download from our website, provided you are in possession of a current dongle.

System Requirements

The program has been designed to be installed and operated on a computer which has the following minimum configuration:

  • Microsoft Windows XP and the Microsoft Dotnet framework 2.0 installed. (The Dotnet framework is freely available for download from Microsoft).
  • For use of all reporting features in OPILE it is recommended that Microsoft Office 2003 is installed.
  • A screen size with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.
  • A spare USB port able to accept the dongle.
  • For the Network Dongle a computer must be available to act as the Dongle Server.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Telephone and email support is also included and will be provided on the basis of use of the software and not as consultancy assistance to execute a project. For the purpose of software support and for the definition of multi-license discounts the license is specific to the principal site. We are always willing to discuss suggestions or improvements to OPILE for inclusion in future versions.

Return Policy

  • The dongle must be returned to Cathie Associates within 30 days of the initial purchase date.
  • Refunds do not apply to OPILE licensed under rental.
  • Refunds will be made minus a €400 administration charge to cover our costs.

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