OPILE Single pile axial and lateral analysis

OPILE is a program designed to analyse single piles that are subjected to axial, lateral and torsional loads, displacements and rotations. OPILE allows to calculate axial pile capacity, T-Z, Q-Z and P-Y response curves, Soil Resistance to Driving and the axial and lateral pile load displacement response all in a single software package!  It suits the particular requirements of the offshore geotechnical engineering community, but also provides a valuable analysis capability for all kinds of piles.

Find out more about OPILE axial capacity methods.
Find out more about OPILE lateral capacity methods.
Find out more about OPILE SRD methods.

OPILE as viewer

OPILE offers various ways to display the results ranging allowing you to easily share your results with colleagues and produce output directly into your own company Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word templates! These formats include:

  • Use OPILE itself. Colleagues can view OPILE files and results using the freely available demo version. The only thing they will not be able to do is conduct analyses.
  • Output OPILE results into a customisable Microsoft Excel report template, giving a report like the one shown here. OPILE equally allows to easily link your own company templates to specific OPILE output.
  • Output OPILE results into a Microsoft Word report.
  • Output information into a structural model file (Sacs example available here) so you can provide input to structural engineer colleagues for their analyses.

Note that when you install OPILE it will give you the option of activating the trial version, using a dongle, or remaining in the restricted demo version.

Axial Soil - loupe Axial analysis - loupe ALLCAP_window - loupe

Trial Version

Cathie Associates is pleased to offer a fully functional trial version of OPILE, in addition to the restricted demo version (which can be installed freely). Each trial version of OPILE provides 30 days of UNRESTRICTED use and is intended to allow the application of OPILE to a real project.
Download your trial version here.

Notes for the trial version:

  • The trial version is strictly limited to 30 days, from the 1st date of activation.
  • The trial version can be converted to a full version via the purchase of a dongle.
  • The trial version requires internet access each time OPILE is to be used. It may be automatically deactivated if internet access cannot be made periodically.
  • Trial versions that are activated using suspect or false details may be deactivated by us.
  • The trial version is offered subject to fair use and repeated applications from the same company may be deactivated by us.

Full price list can be found here.