JACA – Jack up leg penetration software

JACA is our fully featured engineering tool designed and used by our geotechnical engineers for leg penetration calculations. The software reduces the time taken for this process, allowing us to provide clients with a more timely and cost effective service.
Our design philosophy was to develop a tool which would enable easy computation and comparison of results from many different methods using both mechanism based and strength averaging approaches.
Methods implemented include all variations of SNAME, ISO 19905-1 as well as alternative strength averaging methods recommended in the InSafeJIP.
In order to provide a modern, well-written, and robust tool, the system has been developed by professional programmers to our specification.
Extensive validation has been performed using MathCAD solutions for all methods available. All validation cases are provided as example files.

JACA – features

  • Spudcan geometry and preload values
  • Soil profile (number of layers, soil type and properties etc)
  • Calculation methods – layer by layer selection of bearing capacity method and failure modes, or default according to SNAME or ISO.


  • Penetration resistance vs. depth (graphic), with or without backflow
  • Inputs and penetration resistance in tabular form (with export to Excel)
  • Display single or multiple analyses on same plot
  • Display single layer results (basis for multi-layer solutions)

Analysis options:

  • Retain previous analyses and add new ones by cloning existing analyses allowing easy generation of sensitivity cases.
  • Fully compliant SNAME or ISO calculations if required
  • Automatic selection of punching or squeezing method at each depth and layer interface based on governing penetration resistance for one multi-layer system.


JACA Penetration Resistance - SNAME, InSafe JIP, ISO Standard - Graph JACA Penetration Resistance - SNAME, InSafe JIP, ISO Standard - Numerical JACA User Manual - SNAME 2002

JACA SNAME Commentary JACA Spudcan Equivalent Geometry

Please note that this software is used in-house only, and is not commercially available.