3rd Party Software

We also use a wide range of 3rd party software as required by our projects in order to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients:

PLAXIS 2D is used as our basic geotechnical analysis package for 2D problems.

PLAXIS3D is used as and when required for 3D geotechnical analysis.

ABAQUS is our standard finite element tool for advanced analysis both geotechnical and structural projects. Model setup and parametric studies can be automated. We have several models already prepared for recurring analyses such as MOPUs with complex mudmat shapes and suction caissons.

FLAC3D is used for some 3D geotechnical analyses when specific material behaviour is required since this can be easily programmed in the FISH language incorporated with FLAC.

FOXTA v3 is used to calculate/design shallow and deep foundations, estimate settlements over reinforced soil.

SETTLE 3D is used to calculate elastic and consolidation settlement for different foundation geometries (circular, rectangular) or embankments/slopes.

SLIDE is used to calculate the safety factor of slope stability analyses under static and seismic loads.

SLOPE/QUAKE static and dynamic design of slopes and embankments, including Newmark-type analysis to calculate the residual displacement/damage during earthquakes.

DEEPEXCAV 2011 an up-to-date, elasto-plastic soil modelling software for single and double diaphragm wall design.

GRLWEAP for pile driving simulation.

CAPWAP for back analysis of pile driving monitoring data to determine shaft and tip resistance and dynamic pile capacity.

gINT for borehole log preparation and presentation.

EERA/NERA for site-specific seismic analyses.