The mining industry operates in remote locations, in hostile conditions and is hugely dependent upon geology and geotechnics; all are challenges shared by the offshore industry. Our affinity with the mining industry extends deeper to our employees. Our personnel have been sourced from institutions such as Camborne School of Mines and have worked in the mining sector for a range of projects from coal and china clay in the UK to volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits in Spain.

Our broad range of geological and geotechnical expertise enables us to support mining developments at a variety of different stages for greenfield developments or for extensions to existing operations:

  • Desk based site appraisal
  • Design, supervision and management of resource, geotechnical and geophysical survey campaigns
  • Rock mass assessment (Q / RMR / GSI)
  • Open pit geotechnical design
  • Underground excavation and rock mass support design
  • Tailings dam design
  • Ground Improvement, access road and temporary works design