Sustainable energy sources are a critical part of the energy mix. Cathie Associates and our personnel have been engaged in offshore renewable energy generation since the very earliest years of the industry. Our reputation now stands as one of the industry leaders in our specialist field and accordingly, we now work with most leading developers and EPIC contractors. Our focus, particularly given the cost pressures on offshore renewables, is to offer real value gain as a return on our fees and to substantially reduce risk through proactive, structured planning and management.

Because renewable energy projects require many more individual installations than oil and gas, small efficiencies can result in huge overall project savings. This is where we can bring our experience into play to win efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle; from performing real-time pile design offshore to guide borehole completion depth to leveraging our R&D knowledge to improve soil-structure interaction understanding resulting in more efficient design.

Whilst we are able to offer a complete geoscience and geotechnical support framework, we also gain project involvement through the provision of discreet solutions in the following project areas:

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