Geophysical methods are key elements in site characterisation and critical to the spatial understanding of the seabed and sub-bottom conditions. These survey techniques must be designed to collect data which is appropriate to the specific project, the developmental stage of the project and the prevailing seabed conditions. Dr Christian Herisson has been working in marine geophysics for more than 25 years and is a specialist in the engineering application of geophysical methods. Philippe Gauthier and Alex Searle add a further 25 years of marine geophysical acquisition, processing and interpretation expertise to the CA team. They bring together experience from working with operators, developers and contractors on intertidal, shallow and deep water developments throughout the world utilising traditional and advanced geophysical techniques to maximise the understanding of the ground conditions and associated project risks. Working alongside geologists and geotechnical engineers this experience and expertise provides Cathie Associates with a truly integrated geoscience team that together identify and quantify marine geohazard and engineering risks for clients throughout the project lifecycle.