Respect for the individual (wellbeing, career, family, relationships)
Cathie Associates is made up of individuals who have intrinsic value and worth. We are not pawns in a game of business or cogs in a machine, to profit the owners. Rather, work is to be fulfilling and fruitful and to benefit us as individuals as well as us corporately. Work is only one part of our lives which is interrelated to all other aspects of our lives and well-being. Therefore, we respect this reality and are committed to providing a working environment which, as far as possible, takes account of the interrelated aspects of our lives and enables every member of staff to develop to his or her full potential.

Integrity and honesty
Both at a business and personal level we aim to set examples of integrity, honesty, transparency and professionalism. This means we only undertake work that we are competent to perform, when we make promises or commitments we keep them, we offer fair prices for work based on standard rates, we avoid conflict of interest situations, we do not lie and we do not take bribes.

Pursuit of relevant knowledge
Our business is about knowledge. We should never be satisfied with the knowledge that we have. Therefore, we encourage individuals to increase their technical knowledge through reading, challenging projects, conferences and collaboration with university research departments. Corporately, we choose to undertake research and development in order to retain our technical leadership.

Corporate social responsibility
We are aware of the privileged economic environment in which our business operates. We consider it is our responsibility as a company (as well as individuals) to be engaged with the underprivileged and to this end we make some of our resources available to the developing world.

Entrepreneurial, hard working and perseverant
Seizing opportunities, making a business successful, enjoying the work we do, stretching and being stretched, persevering when things are difficult – these are all part of achieving our full potential. Without these things we shall be an ordinary company, with them we can be extraordinary. With them we can synergise and, working as a team, we can accomplish more, and be more satisfied than would be possible as individuals.