• Every year we will reinvest part of our skills, resources and vision into the community.
  • We will build a company which recognises the intrinsic worth of what it does and in which the staff are proud of the job they do.
  • We will consider staff as whole people. In so far as resources allow, we will support them in their lives outside of the work environment.
  • We will help our staff discover and play to their strengths. Special gifts are sometimes found in unusual places.
  • We undertake to operate with integrity towards our clients, our staff, our colleagues, and our suppliers.
  • We will not tolerate long-hours culture for its own sake. There will be periods when we will need to work harder, longer, and with more intensity. At such times we expect that each of us will make sacrifices in personal and family life. But we do not accept that as a lifestyle.
  • We will find and develop staff and associates who inspire respect and loyalty.