We will be providing innovative engineering solutions for clients in all corners of the world from a network of offices. We will have a size and strength that gives confidence to our clients whatever the size of their project. We will be known globally as dynamic, innovative, hard-working, reliable and easy to work with, leveraging latest technology and ideas for the benefit of clients. The corporate image and corporate values will be consistent throughout the group. This will be appreciated by the multi-national companies who make up our main client base knowing they can get the same quality of service from any local office. We will be truly a global company working in networked teams with different specialities throughout the world. National and cultural differences among staff will be consciously used to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge. There will be interchange of staff and interaction on projects using latest technology. Research and development will be performed in the most suitable location wherever it is in the world.

Our work will include small highly technical projects often of university research level as well as massive civil engineering or energy projects in which we assist in the field, in the laboratory and in the office. We will be project managing major projects of several years duration for some clients, supervising contracts for others, and executing engineering studies and reporting directly. When the right software is not available we will develop what is needed for our projects and commercialise it when possible. We will have world renown expertise in all kinds of numerical analysis for solving engineering problems and be using state-of-the-art software for much of our work.

Clients will want us to work for them and we will be the major supplier of engineering consultancy work to many top companies.

People will want to work for us. We will have the pick of global talent in our field because of the reputation we enjoy for type of work, style of management, and the value we place on the individual.