Tools, Methodologies and Databases

We currently have more than 35 tools and methodologies available to ensure the quality of our work and to enable repetitive or complex tasks to be performed rapidly and accurately. At the end of every project, the tools used, enhanced or developed are made available to others in the group through CA Store – as an Excel add-in. In this way, knowledge is retained and organised as company structural capital.

We loath doing repetitive tasks which can be automated. We aim to automate as much as possible of routine engineering tasks through the use of templates, macros, and specific software. For example, we have tools to perform batch processing for pile design (based around OPILE) generating pile capacity plots, PY/TZ curves, and pile response/stiffness results for many profiles, once the assignment of design parameters is completed manually.

Complex engineering analyses have been professionally programmed into engineering software: pile design (OPILE), jackup leg penetration (JACA) and caisson design (CAISSON).

Databases are also an important source of in-house knowledge. We maintain databases of trenchers and ploughs, actual trenching and plough performance, mass flow excavators, uplift resistance of buried pipelines, pipeline penetration during pipe-lay, pile setup, and cyclic pile load tests.

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