Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are ensuring quality and client satisfaction, be innovative and lead our industry, behave with integrity…

Quality, client satisfaction, industry leadership

  1. We will ensure that the Cathie Associates name is always associated with quality.
  2. We will deliver services of real value, thus satisfying our clients and building long-term relationships.
  3. We will pursue knowledge, be innovative and lead our industry.


  1. We will behave with integrity towards our clients, our staff, our colleagues and our suppliers.


  1. We will select people who share our values. We will facilitate their development and we will endeavour to be well organised so they can do their work efficiently.
  2. We will consider our staff as whole people with an important part of their life outside work. In so far as resources and projects allow, we will be flexible in our working arrangements and demands.
  3. We expect our staff to work diligently and responsibly, with excellence and with high technical and service quality as their goal.
  4. We expect our staff to work to develop themselves professionally and to add other skills needed as their career evolves.
  5. We expect collaboration and teamwork from our staff, for the good of the whole company, rather than the good of the local organisation.


  1. We aim to be profitable and we expect every member of staff to contribute to our profitability by working efficiently and effectively.
  2. We will share our prosperity with our staff and managers who generate that profit, as well as with our shareholders.
  3. We recognise the unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities globally and this has motivated us to support a number of charities, by donating cash, time or resources. For example, Renewable World, who provide affordable renewable energy services to improve incomes, health and education in countries such as Nepal, Nicaragua and Kenya.